Ceramic Products

Ceramic Products

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Ceramic Yarns are twisted together to achieve required diameter of rope or multiple, Ceramic Yarns are braided in conventional style of in Core on Cover style to achieve required dimension. Ceramic Braided Ropes are having higher density than its Twisted type and suitable for high temperature Sealing and Insulation. "CHAIRMAN" Ceramic Braided Ropes can be effectively be used up to working temperature 12600 C (max).

Ceramic Textile Products are highly chemical and abrasion resistances. Chemical resistance of this Packing / Textile against Acid / alkalis is excellent except against Phosphoric acid, Hydraulic acid and certain concentrated alkaline solution. These Packing / Cloths / Tapes are dimensionally stable and do not stretch or shrink.

Ceramic textile Products / Packing manufactured from fine Ceramic Fibre provide high degree of flexibility and is having excellent Di-Electrical properties. Its low loss on ignition, high degree of temperature resistance and high insulating properties provoked a performance which out last all other conventional packing and textile specially in High temperature Application.

Suitable For:
  • Hot Blast, Molten Alumina, Steam, Non Oxidising, Liquids & Gases, Dyes & Chemicals, Acids and Alkalies, Direct exposure to flame etc.

  • Seals for Boilers, Coke Oven, Blast Furnace, Refractory Door, Kiln Car
  • Thermal Insulation of Electric Wiring / Pipe
  • Seals for Continuous Casting, Thermocouple Tubes, Steam Pipes, Exhausts, Aluminium Pouring Ladles, Hot Blast Valves.